Tanya Stevens

Turned Pro: 1976

Trained By: Tito Montez

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Height: 5’8″

Wrestling Weight: 165 pounds

Territories Worked In: Arizona

Toughest Opponent: Barbara Star

Best Match: Texas Death Match with Papago Inez

Favorite Move: Monkey Flip

Titles Held: Women’s Championship

Tanya was a fixture in Arizona wrestling rings from 1976-1983. During that time, she took on all comers in singles and tag team action.

When asked how she first got into the wrestling business, this is what she had to say. “I first saw Barbara Star and Tito Montez training one day and I made the comment that I could do that. Before I knew it, I was in the ring with Tito and he was training me. He must have done a pretty good job because I was in the ring the next night!”

Tanya Stevens with a head scissors on Papago InezDuring her time in the Arizona mat game, she took on the best that promoters could throw at her. She even participated in tag team matches with Jimmy Garcia, Eddie Gomez and Baby Huey.

These days, Tanya is out of the wrestling business. This mother of three and grandmother of three small grandchildren, earns her living as a production manager for a tortilla factory and she has managed a local Phoenix area nightclub for five years.