Phil Melby

Turned Pro: 1951

Trained By: Jim Londos

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Height: 6’2″

Wrestling Weight: 225 pounds

Territories Worked In: Arizona, California, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, New Mexico, Canada, Mexico, etc.

Toughest Opponents: Gorgeous George, Baron Leone, Don Arnold, Big Jim Wright, Mongolian, Don Kent.

Best Match: Defeating Gorgeous George

Favorite Moves: Bodyslam and Flying Head Scissors.

Titles Held: Arizona Tag Team Championship, U.S. Heavyweight Championship (won in Phoenix).

Though he wrestled in many parts of the USA, much like the late Eddie Sullivan, Phil Melby forever seemed to return to his Arizona homebase. Aside from wrestling, he operated a number of business ventures in the Phoenix area, both during his career as well as after retirement. As a wretsler, he could go either way, being cheered by fans when facing someone they hated or booed by them when he faced someone they particularly loved. Across the border in Mexico, he remained a hated villain who forever caused problems for promoters, security and television personalities. On many instances, he provoked riots where he was lucky to escape the building alive.

Melby was also a mainstay at the old Phoenix Madison Square Garden, where he had a lengthy feud with Dr. Jerry Graham.

According to records one of his last bouts came in Phoenix in 1985 or so, decades after he first entered the ring. He and Reggie Parks faced The Mongolian Stomper and Tony Hernandez on a card promoted by Betty Clarke in an indoor soccer sradium at what was then the old Maryvale Mall.

Outside the ring, Melby became known for his ability to come back again and again from serious health problems, fortitude he always showed in the arena .