Pedro El Grande

Turned Pro: 1973

Trained By: El Martillo

Hometown: Caguas, PR

Height: 6’0″

Wrestling Weight: 215 pounds

Territories Worked In: Every state except Alaska, Hawaii and New England states. Also appeared in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Toughest Opponents: The Lumberjacks.

Best Matches: versus Lumberjack #1 (in Nogales, Mexico); versus Frankenstein Monster; versus “Superstar” Billy Graham. My one and only mixed tag team match against Lumberjack #2 and Marilyn Bender. My tag team partner in that match, Lucky Leslie, is now my wife (and has been for 27 years).

Favorite Move: Sunset Flip from top rope.

Titles Held: Arizona Heavyweight Championship, Western States Heavyweight Championship, SW Heavyweight Championship, ASWA Heavyweight Championship, ASWA Tag Team Championship, APWA Heavyweight Championship, APWA Tag Team Championship.

If you meet Pedro El Grande on the street, you’d meet a calm, mild-mannered gentleman. But there’s more to the story than that. You see, this calm gentleman is also one of Arizona’s wrestling legends.

In a sport known for braggarts and blowhards, Pedro stands out. This ever-popular star did his talking in the ring where it counted. The fans respected this and that was evident by the ear-busting cheers that erupted whenever Pedro walked down the aisle. But the story even goes on beyond the history of a great wrestler.

Pedro is also a highly regarded wrestling trainer, having helped many young grapplers launch their careers.

When the wrestling business slowed down in Phoenix, Pedro went to work for the WWF as a ring crew chief and referee. He was there for 18 years. He even took an occasional WWF match, facing such stars as Kamala, Hillbilly Jim and King Kong Bundy.

A truck accident in 2001 ended his stint with the WWF.These days, Pedro is very philosophical when he looks back over his career. He says, “Through the years, I have met some wonderful friends whose friendship I cherish to this day. The old-timers are a brotherhood. They’re my ‘band of brothers’ forever.” What’s he up to now, aside from working as an electrical contractor, Pedro tells us he’s enjoying his family, fishing, camping, traveling and just enjoying life. He especially enjoys spoiling his grandkids.