Papago Inez

Today, “lady wrestlers” are usually better known for their sex appeal than for their ring skill. But it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when lady wrestlers had to have skill, courage and ability in order to succeed. That brings us to our current honoree, Papago Inez.

Inez had the good looks, but she also had the ring skills to go with them. Inside the squared circle, she was as tough as they came, often having matches that would rival those of the men on the card. Outside the ring, those who knew her said she was quite shy and reserved.

Inez, always the fan favorite, could count on finding a tough opponent in Tanya Stevens, the area’s top rulebreaker. Their matches were always rough and tumble affairs.

Now, to say that she was a fan favorite should, in no way, be construed as meaning that she lacked a temper. That just wasn’t the case. Inez could stand toe-to-toe with anyone that the promoters saw fit to pit her against.

One sure-fire way to find out just how hot her temper could be would be to pull on her long, flowing black hair. She hated that and made any opponent, who was so bold, pay for their transgression.

Although her career was fairly short, she made quite an impact on the local wrestling scene. By the early 1980s, she was done as a regular competitor, although she still appeared for occasional matches.

Unfortunately, Inez passed away several years ago from a respiratory ailment. She was a classy lady and she is truly missed.