Nano Ortega

Turned Pro:1950

Trained By: Self-Trained

Hometown: Durango, Mexico

Height: 5’8″

Wrestling Weight: 220 pounds

Territories Worked In: Canada, Mexico, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas.

Toughest Opponent: Tito Montez, The Champion.

Best Matches: Versus Jumbo in Mexico.

Favorite Move: Airplane Spin

Titles Held: Arizona Heavyweight Champion, Navajoland Champion and too many others to mention.

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When most people are still dreaming about what they want to be in life, Nano Ortega was already training for a career in professional wrestling. When you talk to Nano, he’ll tell you that he always loved to wrestle and entertain the crowds, even if the crowds didn’t always love him.

Ortega is widely regarded as one tough customer who could stand toe-to-toe with the very best of them. Never one to let rules get in the way of a good match, Nano often found himself on the opposite side of the tracks from fan favorites such as Tito Montez and “Cowboy” Bob Yuma. That seems to suit him just fine. Knowing that winners earn more than losers, Nano would tell you that people only ask you IF you won. They don’t ask How you won. And winning was the fast track to the big paydays.

Nano is retired from the sqared circle now, but he makes it clear that he would be willing to return to the ring as a wrestler or a trainer “if the price is right.” These days, he enjoys watching TV and spending quality time with his grandchildren.

Fans and wrestlers wishing to contact Nano may do so in care of the website.