Lumberjack #1


Turned Pro: 1974


Trained By: Paul Vallen


Hometown: Yukon, Alaska


Height: 5’10”


Wrestling Weight: 295 pounds


Territories Worked In: Arizona, Mexico, New Mexico, Japan (Tokyo), Utah, Texas and Colorado


Toughest Opponent: Bob Yuma, Tito Montez, Mr. Wrestling.


Best Match: Too many great ones to choose from.


Favorite Move: Double Body Slam, Big Splash


Titles Held: Western States Tag Team Championship, Arizona Heavyweight Championship, IWA Tag Team Championship, USA Tag Team Championship.


For many people, the Lumberjacks are the standard by which all the other tag teams to have ever competed in the state are judged. This big, tough duo could dismantle opponents singularly or together it didn’t make a difference. One thing was sure, when these two entered the ring, somebody on the other The Lumberjacks – Western States Tag Team Championsside of the squared circle was in for a tough night.


Lumberjack #1 appeared in Arizona rings from 1974 through 1991 and was a force to be reckoned with during that time. Aside from standard wrestling matches, he also enjoyed appearing in more brutal matches such as Pinata matches and Texas Strap Matches.


Though he, and his partner, held many championships, they were not destined to be the most popular fan favorites around. They put it best when they say, “We hated everybody. We hated promoters. We hated fans. We hated referees. We hated commissioners. We just plain hated everybody and if they hated us, that was just fine.”


A more recent photo of Lumberjack 1Lumberjack #1 also made his mark on the wrestling business as a trainer and booker for various promotions. Today, although he’s retired, you can still find him serving as a trainer when necessary. When not training new talent, you can find this legend enjoying his favorite hobbies of bowling, target shooting and sandrailing.