Barbara Star

Turned Pro: 1976

Trained By: Tito Montez

Hometown: New River, Arizona

Height: 5’0″

Wrestling Weight: 160 pounds

Territories Worked In: Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico

Toughest Opponent: Papago Inez

Best Match: Versus Tanya Stevens.

Favorite Move: Elbow Smash

Titles Held: Women’s Championship

From 1976-1983, Barbara Star toured Arizona wrestling rings. In that time, she made fans sit up and take notice. Equally adept at sigles and tag team wrestling, she was one tough opponent who did considerable damage to the won/loss records of her opponents.

When we asked to describe her career, she said, “I enjoyed a good scientific match, but when the road gets tough, I can get just as rough as the next person.” Of that, we have no doubts.

These days, Barbara is retired from the wrestling business, but she is helping disabled and handicapped people. She enjoys yard work, gardening and painting ceramics.

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